December 20, 2005 – Cold Winter’s Night

It indeed is a deep, cold winter’s night. As I was doing my best Clark Griswold-lite Christmas lighting addition to the barn, I thought of all the things that could go wrong. I’m tip-toeing on a mound of icy snow that swooshed off the barn, allowing me to reach the gutters without a ladder. At the end, I need to crawl on the 1100 gallon water tank with rounded surface and icy coating – thinking “this probably isn’t a good idea to be stretched out to my full length, supported by an icy surface.” This time I was right. No incidents to report and a single strand of white lights now adorns the west side of the barn.

The was a large temperature discrepancy between Des Moines and Melbourne (50 miles) today. There is no snow cover in Des Moines and it was 32 degrees and at the same time in Melbourne, it was 16 degrees.