November 12, 2005 – Blowing in the Wind

Lots of weather in the neighborhood today. So far, we were spared the worst of it. Just very strong, persistent winds.
The girls leaning into the wind on the front porch, trying to see if the wind will keep them up as they fall forward.

Early this evening brought tornadoes to central Iowa. I’m not sure how long this link will last, but it is a link of a stupid guy filming a tornado as it rips through his town. The storm also forced the evacuation of the football stadium in Ames for the ISU-Colorado football game. Claire says it is a good omen to have the tornado whistles blowing for a cyclone home game. The game is still going at blogtime, so we won’t know for a while yet. That’s how football games should be played – out in the weather, tornadoes dancing around and incredible winds – all without a roof.

4 thoughts on “November 12, 2005 – Blowing in the Wind

  1. Thanks for the video clip. He was stupid but he got a close up view of the tornado! Those things are so powerful. I hope no one was killed.

  2. there is one word for the guys who filmed the tornado that went right behind their house: idiots

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