October 30, 2005 – Sheep Gone

Today many small events overlapped. Our friend and favorite Guiness Book of Record holder and one of the, if not THE, nation’s top amaranth curator stopped by to harvest the seed increase we grew out for him. The girl’s piano teacher and her husband stopped by to look at our corn stove. The kids had a fun time walking inside a round section of a small bin, walking inside like a rat on a treadmill.

It was also the day to bring the lambs in to the locker. Many people may think it’s kind of corny, but I always make a point to verbally thank the animals for their gift to us before I drive away. I have no doubt that their lives were much better than most of their brethren, many of whom are confined to small spaces eating a diet of primarily grains to fatten up quickly instead of grasses for which their rumens were made. Claire has a name for them – “Happy Meat.” She fiddled with vegetarianism for a while and eventually decided she would eat only “Happy Meat.” (I don’t think there is any happy meat in a “happy meal” under the golden arches.)

Our customers are looking forward to the meat and bringing their friends into the table. It is rewarding for the customers to really look forward to their annual special meat arrival.