October 28, 2005 – Green Machines

Our neighbor has finished up all his harvesting and brought some equipment over to store in our shed. Here’s Marty getting a ride in the tractor.

Today my Nikon digital camera went on the fritz. I bought the first one new and it had this problem, so I bought the same model used off ebay and it worked for a few months before developing the same problem. I guess Nikon digitals don’t share the lineage of their 35 mm SLR predecessors. So I will be without photos until the new camera arrives. I really want the Canon that accepts lenses from my old SLR, but the budget called for an inexpensive point and shoot.

One thought on “October 28, 2005 – Green Machines

  1. Which Nikon do you have (or had)? I have the Nikon 900 and Nikon 990. The 990 is what I’ve been using for a long time and was my replacement for the 900. Both have done well but the 990 has finally died after seven(?) years of service, or was it five. I’ve fixed it four times but this time it is beyond repair. I was not pleased as my Canon A-1 SLR had lasted me 20 years. So I too am in the market for a new digital camera. Right now I’m using my son’s Casio but that lacks real manual controls which is a bit frustrating. I do wish they would build things more ruggedly.

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