October 26, 2005 – Corn Crib Project

Now that the steel has arrived, I am beginning work on the corn crib. This fall, I’m going to put steel siding on about half the building and do the rest next year. I built some racks inside one section of the crib to store lumber and need to keep the water and snow out – so I’m closing up one side and parts of two other sides.
Here’s the crib before (but notice the nice roof from year’s gone by!)
Everything flowed today and it was an easy job (no windows or doors and only one piece to cut). I could have used more than 1 1/4 people (Martin could hand me a drill when I was holding the unfastened pieces in place, but that was about it). I just have part of the top two rows of screws to put in and the west side will be done.

5 thoughts on “October 26, 2005 – Corn Crib Project

  1. Mr. Bachelor question- nothing special – I just use the rubber-headed screws and screw the panels on with a cordless drill. It helps to indent a small hole in the steel before drilling as well.

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