October 20, 2005 – Officer Bunn a.k.a Barney Fife?

Today’s weekly paper from a neighboring town had this photo on the front page concerning the town’s lone officer and new police cruiser:
Here’s the write up from the State Center Enterprise Record.

“According to Bunn, a call had gone out on the radio to assist an immobile vehicle somewhere in the vicinity. Approaching the intersection of Lincoln Way and Highway 330 – the Albion blacktop – Bunn noticed a forklift on the right side of the intersection, which he thought may be the immobile vehicle. Bunn then saw a lone man running up the shoulder of 330.

Turning his head to appraise the man, Bunn failed to notice the actual stalled vehicle some 50 yards further up the highway. Being perched at the crest of a slight hill, the scene was not highly visible, and a lack of officers on scene resulted in a lone officer in front of the stalled vehicle attempting to control traffic from both directions.

Consequently, Bunn rear-ended a mini van that was preparing to drive around the on-scene officer and the stalled truck. In rear-ending the van, Bunn’s cruiser was embedded in the cargo area of the van, driving both vehicles around the officer and the stalled truck.”

Officer Bunn was not cited as “there was a lack of emergency personnel on the scene to control traffic and the driver of the stalled vehicle was driving under a suspended license.” Hmmm.

There were no serious injuries which is a good thing!