September 10, 2005 – Game Day and Chicken Coop

Hawkeye faithful can go back to the store and return the “IS Who” t-shirts after mighty the Iowa Hawkeyes fell to the Iowa State Cyclones 23-3. Here are the girls with their game day attire.

But much more important than the game, was Grandpa Dave’s complete rewiring of the chicken coop, including complete tear-out of existing wires and fixtures. We added a fuse box, outlets, and lights to a side that had no lights. Now after-dark egg-gathering will not require as much angst. In addition, we will have an additional place to brood chicks.


One thought on “September 10, 2005 – Game Day and Chicken Coop

  1. Oh, to have more room to brood chicks. Not that I shoudl be brooding so many in the first place, considering how slow egg sales have been, but hope springs eternal, right? The 25 latest are SO crowded that I’m going to move them in with the big girls a week or so ahead of schedule, and just give everybody a nice warm light in case the chill of Autumn sets in!

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