August 4, 2005 – Ouch!


Today’s unscheduled event was a trip to the emergency room from 8-11 pm. Martin was “helping” with chores and noticed that Blue was eating out of April’s dog dish. Being a justice-minded individual, he tied to drag Blue away from the dish and Blue nipped him in the cheek. It was “should we stay or should we go?” to the doc. We decided to err on the side of caution and the doc said it was good we came in since dog bites are prone to infection. He didn’t need stitches, but has the steri-strips keeping the cut together.

The most ironic part of the day was that hours before the incident, I got an e-mail from Wholesome Harvest asking to take pictures of mr photogenic Marty in the pasture with the animals! There goes the modeling career!

August 3, 2005 – Big Weeding Day

We’re still trying to catch up from being gone on vacation, so today was a giant leap forward in weeding. We’re probably 75% back to where we were before we left. Martin and I started looking for a new riding mower. We bought an ancient John Deere when we moved in eight years ago, and now the mowing deck is no longer fixable, and a replacement one is anywhere from $700 used to $1500 new, so it is time for a new outfit. I spent one last time taking it apart and resharpening blades and bending metal back into position. Martin’s quote is a real farmer’s quote. “The mower is giving Dad too much trouble, he’s going to get a new one.”

August 2, 2005 – Girls Gone (not wild)

Both Claire and Emma are gone this week on separate adventures. Claire is now in Boston with her UU youth group on a religious heritage trip. She’ll be gone about 10 days, walk the Freedom Trail, visit some of the first UU churches in America, visit Walden Pond, Salem, and sleep in a lot of church basements. Tonight was a Shakespeare in the Park.

Emma is in Madrid (Iowa, not Spain) at 4H camp. She has had a long time away from home, but she is good friends with two of her cabin mates and knows two others, so hopefully it will be a fun week for her.

August 1, 2005 – Blue

Our new Australian Shepherd has a new collar these days. We just couldn’t break him of chasing cars on the road. Rather than have a dead dog, we bought a “training collar” (which is a nice way of saying shock collar). Before, when he chased cars, he immediately got stern warnings and locked in the garage, losing his freedom. So after a few rounds of that, he would chase the car against our commands, then run in the garage to get his punishment!

It seems to be working. We’ve had it on for a little less than a week and I’d say the chasing has almost (but not quite) completely stopped.