August 24, 2005 – Over the Stove

Today was a very cool August day – a nice change – it didn’t get to 70 until mid-afternoon. So we took advantage of the cool weather and went nuts canning.

Today’s totals = 9 jars of raspberry jam, 5 jars of whole raspberries, 7 jars of tomatoes, 12 jars of applesauce (five of raspberry-apple and the rest cinnamon-apple). The tomatoes and applesauce are two of the most time-consuming things we can, and since it is the last day before school starts, I took advantage of the extra hands.
We vowed to do more of our own food this year before selling it and we’re doing very well with that. The freezers are filling up with veggies and fruits and we’re getting a little canned to save room in the freezers.