August 20, 2005 – Every Which Way

This morning we went three different directions. Linda went to the Iowa Farmer’s Union annual meeting and got to hear John Edwards, 4 gubernatorial candidates and three Secretary of Ag candidates, in addition to spreading the word about the Sustainable and Entrepreneurial program at MCC.

Grandma and the girls went to the Grinnell market where they had a good morning – the girls each netted $20.00 on their baked goods after paying their parents for expenses.

Martin and Dad stayed home to say goodbye to our guest and do stuff around the farm. We moved the portable electric fence around the pine trees that had grown up with mulberries and weeds. The goats did a great job of clearing it up – better than a brush cutter. I’ll put before and after pictures up in a few days.

We’ve discovered that the windfall apples are loved by the cows. Here are the kids feeding the cows the apples.
feed cows
feed cows