August 9, 2005 – Religious Personal Care Items?

Today, I had a bit of an unusual experience – a pocket comb broke in half. These are usually advertised as “unbreakable.” As I was getting ready to toss it in the garbage bin, I noticed there was a slogan on the comb:
jesus saves
Hmmm. “Jesus Saves” on a plastic hair comb. It sounds like a good story for “This American Life” one of my favorite radio shows. What would prompt someone to set up their comb factory to embed this on a comb? Why did I not notice the slogan until after the comb had broken? Does the slogan weaken the comb and make it more likely to break? What does Jesus think getting his name dragged through people’s hair countless times a day? How many other products have religious slogans on them of which I am unaware. If you remember some, leave a comment for all to see.