August 8, 2005 – Winter Meals Made Easy

At 9:00 am these carrots were in the ground and by 1:00 they were out of the pressure canner.canned carrots

While I was messing with the carrots, Linda was chopping up and freezing the bruised and imperfect onions. So now, all we need to make chicken soup in the winter is a few hours of cooking time – the carrots and onions are all cleaned and peeled, and chicken in the freezer.

It’s seemed a little bit like London in 1940 the last few days with the crop dusters buzzing around, especially when they are clearing the tree tops above our house by what seems inches. It’s amazing to watch them fly, but disconcerting knowing the imperfect applications of poisons they drop off. Watching the planes fly, I was wondering how many crash, and I saw in today’s papers that two have gone down this weekend, in a crop field in Green Mountain and in someone’s front yard in Osage.