August 5, 2005 – Farm Picnic

Linda’s Uncle Ralph and his family was in town from Montana. (In some interesting linguistic development, when referring to Ralph and his family, the term “Ralphs” is used. Not Ralph and Mary Jane or Ralph’s family, or Smith’s, but “Ralphs.” So as long as Ralphs were here, the whole local grandma Jo side of the family came, including “Waynes” and many cousins, totaling about 21 for dinner.
We have had so many family gatherings at Waynes, it was nice to host for a change. (Although I still have a way to go before we have the pond, beach, zip line etc.)
Uncle Ralph relaxing in the Adirondack.
Here’s now the middle generation of the family now that all the grandparents have passed away.
A nice shot of Waynes.


The newest generation – a group of four year olds acting goofy in the playground.