July 22, 2005 – Solitude (well, almost)

Although the time at the cabin is filled with activity – there are a few moments of solitude. Just past sunset, I dragged Claire off for a walk. Her reluctance soon waned as we walked down a trail and took a turn off through the brush. We encountered an animal trail and ended up in a spongey bog at the headwaters of a small lake, with a stream meandering through it. Our expressed purpose was to look for moose, but we did not see any. Claire appreciated the sparseness, strangeness, and solitude, even with the bugs. She commented that she doubted there were too many people ever in that bog, let alone wearing pajamas.

Another time of solitude was when I had a chance to fish in the middle of a riffle, with water pouring out on both sides, the fish in the boiling water less than 10 feet from my feet.

One night, just after sunsset we were out on the dock when a pack of timber wolves started howling. Martin’s eyes got very large and he burrowed into his mother.

2 thoughts on “July 22, 2005 – Solitude (well, almost)

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  2. There was no reluctance to going on a walk! The only thing I wanted changed was to bike ride instead of walking but it turned out that you grabbed mom’s helmet instead of yours and it wouldn’t fit you! Ah well. You should blog about Harry Potter and our family’s fascianation and disgust (in Marty’s case). 🙂

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