July 11, 2005 – Vacation Preparations

The annual pilgrimage to Northern Minnesota looms. It’s a full-time job getting the farm and the family ready for the 9 days away. There’s house-sitters to find (live-in this year so all of you planning on rustling sheep, you’re out of luck).

So today was spent jockeying vehicles to and from the shop, getting all sorts of animal feed, getting gardens weeded, continued work on making the trailer and van “trailable” and continued packing. For some reason, Martin is pumped to go to Kawishiwi (It’s a lousy website for a great place). He’s been a great help dragging stuff to the hay wagon that is serving as the staging area for the stuff. We’re excited away – the cabin is at the end of the road in northern Minnesota, just a few miles from Canada.

Today Linda spent most of the day at the Leopold Center for a food systems meeting and to learn about the Farmer’s Diner, a new model of diner that takes as its premise, the best food is that which is closest to the diner. They buy most of their food from local farmers. They are working on financing for establishing franchises across the country.