July 10, 2005 – More Food for Winter

Today, Linda was the food preparation maniac. She picked and froze 10 packages of beans (we’re getting the hang of our new vacuum-packed seal-a-meal). I am probably one of the few guys in the world who was actually excited to get it as a Christmas gift!

Martin and Daddy snapping the beans before blanching.

Linda also made a batch of raspberry jam.
I was more of a sloth. I worked a couple of hours for the town job, taking advantage of the quiet as the girls and Michael are off with grandma to Maquoketa caves and the grand water park hotel and Mississippi River museum in Dubuque. I also replaced a rotten wooden post in the household compost holder. We made it in a hurry when we moved in 8 years ago out of scrap wood, and now all the posts are rotten, so this fall, I’ll have to make a new one. I also shored up the bottom of the garage door, which is starting to rot and Martin and I started gathering vacation stuff.

This morning some Brazilians came over and bought some chickens and slaughtered them here. It all went well, things were cleaned up tidy and they seemed to prefer the old laying hens over the broilers. Maybe there’s a niche there?