June 16, 2005 – “I Live With my Food”

The other day I was offering Emma “encouragement” via peer pressure by showing the young girls at Sugar Creek Farm butchering chickens. I explained it was part of knowing where your food comes from and having skills that may some day come in handy. (In a related topic, we all know that girls like guys that have skills.) She countered, “I know where my food comes from, Dad, I LIVE with my food.” And you know what – she’s right. She lives with turkeys, chickens, lambs, fruits, vegetable, berries, and a milk goat. She’s got a pretty good idea where everything comes from and the season you can get it.

Tonight was another episode of room cleaning. I’d say we are about 75% done. They need a new bookcase and to sort through some clothes – but the worse is over. The most disgusting find in Emma’s room was a small chuck of dried up pizza under her dresser.

A co-worker said I should check out the brand new $8,000 Kia with 100,000 mile warranty and guaranteed $4,000 trade-in. I could get into a new car for $4,000. Sounding too good to be true, I checked out the web site and found out many of the things I have come to expect in a car (radio, carpeting, Air Conditioning) are not included in that price. So, it’s back to the classifieds.