May 30, 2005 – Memorial Day/Logan Cemetery

There’s a township cemetery about 2 miles down our gravel road. It’s on a rise and you can see the trees on our farm from there.

There are some old graves, some unreadable with many from the 1800’s.

There’s an old house to keep people warm in the winter.

The house remains unlocked (one of the country charms). Inside is a wood stove, some chairs and you can see a framed map of the cemetery with names and available plots on the wall.

Each year we have a tradition to walk around the cemetery and look at the stones – looking for old ones and being sad at the stones with the infants and mothers dying on the same day or within a week of each other. We then gather on a bench and remember those who have died in the last year and before. This year it was Grandma Ruth and Grandma Eunice (both Linda’s grandparents).

We visited the cemetery last Friday since we’d be gone for Memorial Day

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