May 26, 2005 – 200,000

It has been a tradition of sorts to name all of our vehicles. When the kids were younger, the names were simple, like “Golden Car” for the gold Taurus. Our current fleet includes Snowball, a 1994 Geo Prizm.

Our minivan, a larger white version of Snowball is called Blizzard. The truck is called Deezy in honor of the Dee-Zee accessories adorning it and my late uncle who had initials of D.Z.

All that aside, today Snowball turned over 200,000 miles on the way to work today. I pulled over marked the occasion with this photo.
Snowball still has about 3,000 more miles to go before it breaks the Barnequist family vehicle record held by “Old Truck” a 1984 Mazda pickup (and winner of the 2000 Mid-Iowa Fair Ugly Truck Contest!)