May 18, 2005 – Coop Renovations!

We have almost completed renovations on the chicken coop. All that remains is to replace one more set of doors. Here is the coop before renovations:
old coop
Here is the coop after renovations:
new coop

It’s good to reflect on things that have been completed. The coop was re-roofed, re-stained, new doors, all the junk hauled out of one side, all new windows and walls straightened.
The chickens are in exploring their new turf. There are two sides to the coop – one is about 1/4 of the space, the other 3/4. All the junk was in the big side and that’s where the chickens moved.
new coop
I made serious progress in the kitchen today – probably about 75% complete putting up trim around doors and baseboard. Ran out of wood and time, but had a good run at it.