May 16, 2005 – The Leaning Goat of Melbourne

We have recently started miling Paullina, our Nubian goat. We have a nice milking stanchion courtesy of some neighbors. All we had to do to use it was to add a feeding tray so Paullina could eat while she was being milked.
The milking begins traditionally enough, with Linda pulling one squirt at a time.
Soon however, this must become tiresome for Paullina, so she begins to lean on Linda, gently at first and as she continues, leaning more and more.
This reminds me of a band playing in Austin, TX at the end of the month (I was checking out the music listings for when we visit at the end of the month). I’m guessing there is not a steel guitar or mandolin in “Super Heavy Goat A#$” (last two letters of band not faithfully rendered).
I think Paullina may be leaning because whe is a) ready to be done b) wants to have the other side milked, or c) want to see her kids which have been separated from her all night.

3 thoughts on “May 16, 2005 – The Leaning Goat of Melbourne

  1. Hi you all… that little feeder on the goat milking stand is really great! Love the pictures!
    I sent the link to Amy in NYC.

    Hope you can come up with an idea on these goats up the road from us. The little billy is a dandy speciman.

    See you all soon.
    Bev and Rich

  2. Well actually, you can probably speed up the milking process for you and Paulina, by placing your pan or milking pail to the side of the udder and milk — by squeezing each tit in an alternating manner.

    Best, Anjee

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