May 12, 2005 – Storms!

Readers take note – the extraordinary circumstances from today required two separte entries for today! The second follows this one.

Today the rain continued – haven’t been out to the rain gauge yet after work. Evidently, there was a big gust around noon that helps me figure out what to do tomorrow afternoon after the rain is supposed to stop. Reminds me of rainy days at summer camp and the refrain “So God said to Noah, there’s going to be a floody, floody.”

Here’s our gas tank. gas down
This ruins the long-running argument whether the gas tank above the rhubarb patch helped or hindered the rhubarb growth. I was pro; Linda was con. Fortunately the tank was almost empty – it was something we had purchased at an auction long ago for pennies, but it never quite worked out – it seemed to lose a lot to evaporation and even with a filter, put out crummy gas. I guess I’ll think of a new use for the stand and bring the tank to get recycled somewhere.

One of the big apple trees lost one of its three trunks. apple down
Again, the trees are old, and we don’t have the heart to cut them down, even though two of them have lousy tasting apples (tastes like red delicious).

Finally (as far as I know without surveying the property) another one of the big pines north of the house looks like it needs to come down.pine down
I’m not as ambivalent about this as the other two as we are starting to run out of these trees (in the darkness another tree next to it looks like it is leaning). Good thing we had the power company take out a row of old trees next to the wires, since this east wind may have knocked some over the lines.

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