May 9, 2005 – Two Steps Forward, One Back

Today was one of those days that was full of activity, but it seems at the end of the day, nothing changed. Maybe it’s just that time of the month for me. Yesterday a wind gust moved through with a series of storms, but didn’t bring rain, but did blow things around a bit, including one of the rows of my raspberry “terra-forming” – most of the paper and hay was lifted up and tossed aside. The wind also blew one of the windows out of the chicken coop, but on a happy note, I did manage to get 7 bags of cement mixed up to fill in the holes between the foundation and the floor. Soon it will be ready for chickens.

This morning Martin and I got 40 brassicas planted (cauliflower, broccoli, chinese cabbage and brussels sprouts). We also loaded up all the old wood from the trailer and hauled it to the burn pile. We set up the chick brooder, got the food, rewired one of the non-functioning heat lamps as well.

Today marks the beginning of a new intermittent feature highlighting a web site that speaks for itself. I stumbled across Nathan Bush’s tribute, of sorts, to KMart, Pamida, and Fareway stores. I’ve linked to the tour of the Audubon, IA Pamida store, but the other tours are well worth the click! It’s a great insight to a mind very unlike my own.