April 28, 2005 – Goose Egg

Our “guard geese” have been laying lately. Opening the egg is like trying to crack a bowling ball. Although it is hard to see via this photo, here’s one egg filling up a frying pan with a knife for scale.

We got the geese after we started losing a chicken or so every other night. After the geese arrived, we have not lost a chicken to night predation.

Had a humorous e-mail at work. It was from an EVP to the sales force. Here’s a sample line: “You might think I’m a numb nuts” In addition there were references to “moving this puppy” (not talking about young dogs). And “This will P.O. (HR wouldn’t let me write this out) a lot of people” I wondered how “pissed off” wasn’t ok but “Numb nuts” was? So we thought we perhaps needed to change the tone of the writing we do to match. Here’s what we came up with for a standard “How To” in a new, less formal style.

OK numb nuts, I know you want to check the latest mortgage rates, so just shut up and listen. This puppy is a picky beast and one wrong click and you’re liable to refinance the loans of over 2 million Wells Fargo customers instead of just the Joe Blow in your office. When this mother of a screen opens, ignore most of the b.s. and just type in their name and social security number. When you click “Refinance Now,” this bad boy may take a while to chug, just chill and start reading all the legal mumbo-jumbo while the mother updates.