April 22, 2005 – Unscheduled Trip to Dr. Paschen

If you don’t see his name, it sounds (Dr. Passion) like a sidekick to “Ladies Man” – but he is our favorite pediatrician and we still drive to Ames to see him. Marty was learning how to clean out bee hives and sliced his palm open. It was a bad cut, but seemed maybe not bad enough for stitches, but to err on the side of caution, we went over to Ames to check it out. The good Dr. himself saw it as a borderline whether or not it needed stitches (or kitty whiskers, as Martin calls them). He decided just to keep it closed without stitches.

On the way home we drove into a dramatic storm, looking black as night from the contrast with the sun as we drew near. There was rain and hail and many folks were pulled over on the side of the road- but we just kept going, hoping for really big hail and a new van! But we were out of luck – no big hail; nor any big hail at home (the roof needs replacing and it would be nice to get some help paying for it!)

Tonight, I squeezed out about 3 hours worth of corn for the corn stove as it is very windy and supposed to get into the 30’s.