April 20, 2005 – First Morels of Season

Went out looking for the first fungi of the season and had only moderate success – about 20 or so. Martin enjoyed it, but being close to the ground did not help him find any.

This morning was errand time – but some of note – got High Hopes Gardens LLC checking and credit cards set up, went to the county engineer’s office to pay for dust control on the road, got chicken food, dropped off Emma’s library books…

In the afternoon got the rest of the fence pulled up and back in the ground. Now I just have to haul up the unused materials and put the insulators on the north fence and re-run the electric wire. May have to do the same for the island fence. Had some time to finish mowing the yard. The to-do list is now creeping up as so much time was spent on planting.

Missed the rain again today.