April 10, 2005 – GoatBabiesRUs

The mama goat finally decided to let loose her kids today, 5 days past her due date.

When we got back from church, they must have been only a few minutes old, a half hour at most. They are both boys (last year she had triplet girls).

I’m not sure what we’ll do not going out to the barn in the middle of the night. One of the girls usually checked around midnight and Linda around 3 am or so. What a feeling it must have been for the girls, to be up so late, walking out to the barn alone at night in the dark, wondering if when they opened the barn door, they would be the first to see the new baby goats and run back to the house to report the news to the family.

The first flowering shrub broke open today – the viburnums on the south side of the garden.
viburnum flower

4 thoughts on “April 10, 2005 – GoatBabiesRUs

  1. Finnaly! She sure took her time. Mom was right when she had a feeling we needed to leave grandma’s after lunch. We drove directly to the barn, opened up and there was a baby goat!

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