March 21, 2005 – Vacation or Fence?

You know you are a real farmer when you’d rather spend your money on a new fence than a caribbean vacation! I started building the fence for this year’s tree planting. I ultimately decided on the cattle panels as they will be most flexible and “always on” even though they are a bit pricey. Today, I finished pulling the snow fence posts and got about 6 panels (96 feet) worth of fence hauled and up. That means I’m about 1/14 done with the fence. Here’s about half the pieces on the wagon.
Tomorrow morning I leave with Linda on a 2 day get-away to the Villages of Van Buren County. We’re renting a “cottage” and today I went shopping for food and drink. It looks like the weather is going to be crummy, so we’ll probably spend less time hiking at Lacy-Keosauqua and more time working on the farm business plan.

One thought on “March 21, 2005 – Vacation or Fence?

  1. I enjoyed your pictures. Our families have walked the same ground. We stayed at the same cabin as your family. I have fished the trout stream at the hatchery many times. In April, I took my nephews to Decorah to fish. We had to fish in 30 mph winds with a 16 degree temp Brrrr.

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