March 14, 2005 – Googled Out

The most time-consuming part of the “Growing Your Small Market Farm” class has been writing the surveys and finding survey recipients. Today, I sent out a web survey to 83 people who have on-farm stores or stands. It took a lot of searching and dead-ends, as many farms did not have e-mail addresses on their web sites, just phone numbers. We’ll see how many respond. I was steadfast and did not follow any web tangents and only sent e-mails to others three times for things I found along the way! Next task is to compile addresses for 200 or so local residents. I went to the Post Office to buy 400 stamps today (gulp!)

Here’s a picture of the rest of the people going through the class with us! No doubt each of their enterprises will improve along with ours.


Random unrelated thought
Men’s NCAA Tournament teams from basketball happy Indiana: 0
Men’s NCAA Tournament teams from Iowa: 3