March 11, 2005 – Cute Ladybugs – Not!

Tonight, I am extremely attractive to those darn Asian Lady Beetles. They swarm the house in late fall during and after soybean and corn harvest and as spring approaches, the remaining survivors make an appearance. As I research small farm stands and roadside stands, they keep crawling over me, the small light next to me, the keyboard, the reams of paper coming out of the printer.

Tomorrow is shaping up as a busy day – class in Ames from 9-12, wedding tomorrow at 2:30. But more on that tomorrow.

As I fill up the last 5 gallon buckets of corn for the corn stove, the gravity wagon portends spring as well. I no longer have to use the small bucket exclusively to catch the corn flowing out of the bottom chute. The weight of the wagon has lessened so the chute is higher as the wagon lifts up (I guess that equal and opposite forces is at work in the shed as we speak). So now I can put the big buckets directly underneath and don’t need to transfer. If I was smart, I would have taken the time to put the wagon up on some blocks, but moving all the stuff, starting the tractor up always seems like more work than the status quo.

By the end of winter, the corn stove – or at least the hauling the corn into the house becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, although it is always a pleasure to sit near the warm flame of the stove.