March 4, 2005 – Catch-up Day

Today was a day to play catch-up. Got the LLC Articles of Incorporation completed, ordered pine,hardwood trees, and native marsh mix for back pasture, and did some updates to the high hopes brochures. Figured out the fencing, but did not order yet.

One of the Sustainable Ag classes from the school came out today and looked at fruit trees for a pruning lesson. Also got some goat hoof trimming done on the side. That’s about all for now.

One thought on “March 4, 2005 – Catch-up Day

  1. We trimmed the rest of the girls hooves today. Only Billy is left. Don’t be discouraged if Paulina’s hooves aren’t perfect after this first round. Lucy and Viola had sadly neglected elf shoe feet when we got them last September, and we are still working to get them in shape so that they bear weight evenly on all toes. But they are much better than they were.

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