March 3, 2005 – On the Bubble

It’s the time of year that the NCAA basketball tournament brings talk of “bubble” teams – endless speculation about which teams might or might not make the tournament. Enough of bubble teams, what about bubble items for high hopes gardens? But first, what’s in this year:

More flowers
Tree planting in the pasture
Whizbang chicken plucker

The following are on the bubble for this year:
Establish breeding flock of chickens
Scrape and paint one side of house
Heirloom turkeys
Beginning sauna construction
Reroofing house

The following are out for this year:
Belted Galloway (cattle in general)
Vacation in Sedona (Daughter is traveling instead)
Vegetable gardening for fun and profit

I’m sure all of our venerable readers will chime in with their bubble ideas as well.

As a postscript to the corn cob comments to yesterday’s post, I posted a question to the Whizbang Chicken Pluckers Yahoo! group about the best use for ground corn cobs. High absorbancy was a landmark trait reported by all respondents, so the use of the ground cobs as a helper for “eliminational hygiene” may indeed be good for certain textures of “elimination” whereas the whole cob may be good for other more firm “eliminations.”