March 2, 2005 – Corn Cobs

I suffer from a disease I seldom see reference to. It’s called “superman disease” in that I see a task and drastically underestimate the time to allot. Today for example. The previous owners of the farm left one horse stall in the barn full of corn cobs. The pile is approximately 6x6x4. Just Monday, I stopped by a rental center to inquire on the rental charges for a wood chipper to chop up the cobs. There are the 2, 4 and all-day charges. Somehow I thought it would take less than a day. Well, I started today, and by the time the cobs are pitchforked out, ground up and containerized, let’s say my back is sore and I didn’t even do 10%. Thankfully, I am using a borrowed chipper from a friend whose goat we are watching (Ringo). Paullina and Ringo don’t seem to be bothering each other, which is good.

I’m here to report that blog-reading can be grounds for dismissal from jury duty! A friend said the day after the Mr.Ed posting, he appeared for jury selection and was asked what his favorite TV show was. He responded that it was Mr. Ed and was summarily dismissed from consideration. He’s not sure if it was in direct response to that question, or whether it was just the back that broke the camel’s back after a long line of interesting answers. File Mr. Ed away. If nothing else it can be a great conversation-ender.