February 14, 2005 Valentine’s Day

The kids couldn’t wait to go back in the pasture and check out the “pond.” All three came back with varying depths of soaked jeans, mudstreaked faces, and wet boots. The remaining snow and warmth (in the upper 40’s) has made a quagmire.

Completed an outdoor counter/drainer out of cast-off materials today. Part of a vintage 70’s harvest gold accent countertop from our kitchen remodel, a couple of metal old refrigerator shelves, and wood salvaged from the original farmhouse for the frame. The outdoor counter will be useful in washing and cleaning vegetables outdoors.

Also wrapped up some seed ordering. Lost my Peaceful Valley catalog, but was able to use their website www. groworganic.com to order some beneficial insect plant and pasture improvement mixes.

February 13, 2005 Valentine’s Eve

Although we are leaving the dead of winter, high hopes is bustling. This week we have decided to take the plunge into forming a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) as a result of a “Growing Your Small Market Farm” class we are taking. Tomorrow our plan to integrate an agroforestry component goes before the local NRCS council. If approved, it will offer us cost share to improve our small pasture.

It’s a foggy rainy day, and we’re tempted to toss some lettuce seeds out… but the rain has melted the last of the snow and it’s a tad muddy outside.