February 24, 2005 – Got your Goat?

It’s all but official now. Permanent goat will be coming to high hopes. We have in the past performed goat-sitting, but we have just committed to buying a bred nanny. Our motivation is simple – we may nevermore run out of milk. The doe is set up to come in two days and should give birth within a month. At that time, the milking will commence. Of course, there are the minor details like building a milking stanchion and making sure the fences where goat will trod are goatproof. Daughters have promised to care for goat to best of their abilities. I’m sure this is just the first chapter of many revolving around goat.

2 thoughts on “February 24, 2005 – Got your Goat?

  1. Seieously, I will take care of the goat completely if you buy food and the goat and also make the stanchion. I would love to have a milk goat. I hope the kid is a girl because I don’t want to kill the males for meat. That’s sad 🙁

  2. Whoa I did a major typo in seriously in my last comment. Sorry about that. (and did I spell stanchion right)

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