February 18, 2005 – Turtles Lurking

Although it is still early in the season, it seems that a turtle is crawling out of the mud and commenting on this blog. They say turtles are one of the wisest totems and have been thought of that way for a long time. I think this turtle is no exception.

Stopped in for lunch at the “Alternatives in Agriculture” conference today put on by local extension, (thank you Sally Wilson) and was a able to meet some more interesting people.

Spent some more time going through the paperwork to set up the LLC. Was trying to get a checking account set up, but found out you can no longer get a checking account for an LLC until you have the Federal EIN number, so that goes on hold until another bit of paperwork gets completed.

It was nice to have an “average” February day – about 36 and sunny. Most of the snow is gone, except for the blazingly white drifts along the ditches and crests of hills.